There is no denying that the current COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up all our lives and devastated many others. Home has become a sanctuary for us as we are living our lives here, practicing social distancing, and adhering to mandatory stay at home orders.

Florida had deemed real estate one of the essential services early on, as many people still need to buy or sell during this difficult time. The real estate industry has quickly adapted our services to provide safe and convenient options for buyers and sellers. Our local real estate chapter NEFAR, along with The National Association of Realtors (in conjunction with following CDC Guidelines) has adopted Best Practices to keep people safe and continue conducting business. Many of our real estate activities can be conducted in a contactless manner, including: virtual meetings, virtual home tours, document e-signing, appraisals, and amended closing procedures.

Here are a few printable resources that may help you when buying or selling real estate now and into the future.


Click to download “The Safer Way to Buy or Sell a Home with Watson.”

The Safer Way to Buy or Sell a Home with Watson


Click to download “How to Safely Show Your Home.”

How to Safely Show Your Home


Click to download “COVID-19 Real Estate Best Practices”