Many people choose to sell their homes “For Sale by Owner” with the expectation that they will net more money. Research shows that people who sell their homes with a professional realtor generally net more money. Often times people who look for a home “For Sale by Owner” are looking for a “deal” and assume since you are not paying a real estate commission that you will be flexible in your price.

Here are some other factors to consider before making the “For Sale by Owner” choice.     

  • Are you able to price your home according to market conditions? Many people have an idea of what they believe their home is worth based on a how much money they want or improvements they have made. Homes only sell if they are priced right. Pricing a home right is basing price according to the current market conditions.
  • Home Showings and safety. Selling your home on your own can be a risk. When using a professional real estate agent, they are bringing clients to see your home that have been properly qualified.  When conducting showings on your own, you are allowing strangers into your home without knowing if they have the financial means or proper intentions of a home buyer.
  • Negotiations. Professional Realtors are skilled in negotiation techniques and will often generate a better contract for you than you might do yourself. 
  • Legal Paperwork. Selling a home is a legal transaction that requires specific documents and timings to ensure your home closes. Are you knowledgeable enough regarding real estate transactions to ensure your home closes?

As a former Digital Marketing Specialist with over 15 years of sales and marketing experience,I know how to create visibility in the community and on the Internet that will get your home sold fast! I can also show you how selling with me might net you more money in your pocket!

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